Finding Favorites at Virginia Beach

Making the most of a drizzly rainy day sitting on the beach overlooking the Atlantic in 2016.

After using a friend’s timeshare in Virginia Beach for a week a few years back, we found the beach to be a good place to unwind and liked the fact that it didn’t take a lot of travel time to get there and back from Richmond. Not only are we a short walk from the ocean, but there are lots of excursions and day trips that you can take from the beach if you want more variety.

We now own the timeshare, and soon we’ll be going back for the third time as a couple. Our week hits right before the Memorial Day rush so it’s not as crowded when we’re there. Every year we try to include a few new things in our plans – last year we took a day trip to the Norfolk Harbor, took a dolphin watching boat trip on the ocean, and rented bikes and spent half a day biking up and down the boardwalk. Once was probably enough for the dolphin watching trip, but riding bikes along the boardwalk was a lot of fun and definitely something we want to do again. We also stumbled across a great little restaurant in Norfolk that we’d like to try again – The Green House Kitchen.

We got a great view from our car of wild ponies grazing in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in 2014.


And in a nutshell, that’s what’s really great about going back on a regular basis to the same place. There’s something comforting about repeating

Some of our Virginia Beach favorites so far are:

  • Having a relaxing late breakfast at the Sunnyside Café and Market on Atlantic Avenue. They know how to do breakfast here – the service is fast and friendly and the food has never disappointed.
  • Lazying on the beach under an umbrella with a couple of entertaining, but not too deep, books.
  • Taking a day trip to Chincoteague Island in hopes of seeing some wild ponies – and stopping in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and anywhere else we please along the way.
  • Riding up and down the boardwalk on cooler days on rented old-school bikes.
  • Taking a break from the sun or rain to enjoy some delicious seafood at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.

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